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About GC SPA

Beauty Therapy & Salon Products in Australia to Your Aid

GC Spa was developed with a view to provide luxurious products at an affordable price. Our very first line of products, Sheer Naturals, was developed and made here at home in Australia using only the finest natural ingredients. Science and nature at its best.

One of the main aims of Sheer Naturals was to provide Beauty Salons and Therapists a cost effective and unique range of products for both use within the salon and for retail sales. With our range of exotic bathing products, we look forward to redefining luxury bathing experience in a way that none has ever thought about before. Before delving into further details of our products, let us tell you that the beauty therapy products in Australia offered by us are available within market-competitive price brackets. So, basically, we’re bringing luxury within buget- a combination which is further backed by impeccable quality!

Our Team Appreciates Quality

Notably, at the heart of our recognition as one of the best therapeutic beauty product providers in Australia is our brilliant team. Driven by unflagging commitment to bringing you or your customers the best of bath and body care products, we ensure that a meticulous process is duly in place as far as the choice of the beauty products covered by us is concerned. This is the reason why our products are hailed as perhaps the best combination of quality, fragrance and cost that Australia has to offer you. Our clients keep coming back to us not only because they say that get just what they want but also because they have been able to know beauty products better with us.

What We Offer

With the aim of extending GC Spa to a wider demographic Bath N Body Delights was created to develop a beautiful range of Bath and Body Care products. All of our Bath and Body products contain unique and active ingredients, giving our customers the opportunity to experience nourishing, relaxing and replenishing products. Bath N Body Delights also produces an affordable range of Gym Accessories with the intention of helping our customers maintain a balanced lifestyle and wellbeing.


We are constantly striving to empower you with knowledge. Like any other credentialed business, we ensure that our product labels are backed the right information to aid you in the purchase process. What are the contents of the product? What are the steps to safe usage? Which precautions should you take while using these products? Expect to secure answers to all these questions if you’re buying beauty therapy products in Australia offered by us. This is one of the ways in which we look to maintain complete transparency. Use them to know them better – to know us better!

Your search for quality beauty salon products in Australia ends at GC Spa.

With the continued passion to expand our ranges and service the ever-growing demands of our customers, GC Spa will continue to formulate new product ranges and divisions. Do not forget to check out our wide array of beauty salon products in Australia without delay! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can better service you, our customer, do not hesitate to contact us at either info@bathnbodydelights.com.au, through *Facebook* or any of our social media platforms.