Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs

Luxurious Bath Bombs in Australia to Revive your Senses


Our luxury bath bombs are stuff meant for pure indulgence. Browse through our collection of exotic bath bombs that will leave your skin smooth, supple and soft. Irrespective of which combination you are opting for, you will be rest assured of the fact that every product is backed by the right amount of fizz and fragrance. And, by the “right fragrance”, we mean that you will neither be totally knocked off by the same nor be dissatisfied because it’s too light.

Access Our Range for an Unforgettable Bathing Experience

We understand that luxurious bath bombs in Australia make for an integral part of your bathing ritual. At GC Spa you are spoilt for choices. We understand that preferences may differ widely as far as fragrances are concerned. Accordingly we cater to diverse bathing needs. Blackberry, raspberry, vanilla or champagne or roses – it doesn’t really matter which combination or particular fragrance you’re looking for, our product portfolio will not disappoint you.

With our bath bombs you can turn your bathroom into a virtual spa and enjoy a spa-like experience without even stepping out of your homes. Let your worries, concerns and negative feelings (if any) evaporate into thin air. Bring luxury right into your home by opting for our bath bombs. However, before you move on with the purchase, let us give you glimpse of how our little balls of happiness (i.e our luxurious bath bombs in Australia) work. It will be easier for you to understand how exactly they can take your bathing experience several notches higher.

How Our Bath Bombs Work

Accessible in round shapes, these bath bombs are just what you need to enjoy an unparalleled spa experience at home. Just pick up the aroma which complies to your olfactory preferences and drop them in the tub while bathing. As they fizzle out in the tub they render therapeutic fragrances potent enough to drive away your stress or for that matter to prepare you for the day ahead!

We are committed to offering you the best possible bathing experience and as such ensure that only the best combinations of fragrances, cost and quality are provided.

Recommendations Galore

As one of the leading luxury bathing product providers in the market we add unprecedented value to your bathing experience. The luxury bathing bombs procured by us are widely endorsed for their unassailable attributes. Buy from us to know the difference!

Trust us when we say this! We strive to make your bathing ritual more fulfilling!

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Bath Bombs